Thursday, December 28, 2017
Lost Love now available at Smashwords and Kindle Direct.

As a young man he fell in love with a classmate on the last day before she was moving away, forever. He goes on to live his life as best as he can. Forty years in the future after a long marriage, his wife is taken away from him by cancer. Just as he thought his life was over, he finds his lost love.


It was 1968, I had just graduated from high school.  To be exact, it was July 4th, 1968 and there was a block party taking place and I was dancing with the most exciting and beautiful girl I had ever gone to school with.  Her name was Darleen. It was still light out and the band was playing a lot of slow songs at the request of several of the dancers, me being one of them.  I was holding Darleen close, she was blowing in my ear. I was 18, she was only 17, besides she had just told me she was leaving the state in the morning. Her father had been transferred.  I was crushed.  I fell in love with her that night. I think she felt the same as we held each other as we moved to the music.

"I'll miss you," I whispered in her ear.

"I'll miss you too." Her warm breath made me shiver.  I felt her shiver, too.

I think we were both afraid to tell each other we loved them. I was. I was afraid if I said it, she would leave. She was anyway, but I wanted to hold her in my arm for as long as I could.

"Don?" she started.



"What?" I asked.

"Never mind," she said shyly.

I pulled my head back to look into her eyes. She smiled at me. I quickly pressed my lips to hers. She didn't pull away, she started to kiss me back. We kissed for a long time. At least until one of her girlfriends tapped her on the shoulder.

"We shouldn't," she said, swatting at her friend.

"You're right, at least not here."

Her head snapped around so her eyes were gazing into mine.

"What does that mean?" she asked.

"It means I shouldn't have kissed you here. Somewhere else, in private. Who was that who smacked you?"

"She's just a friend who came with me to look after me."

"Ah. It's nice to have friends like that." I rolled my eyes as I said it. Her friend was behind me so she couldn't see my face.

"It is," Darleen said trying not to laugh.

"Let's go get a soda," I said, taking her hand and pulling her away from the crowd of dancers. She willingly came with me.

We grabbed a soda out of one of the coolers that dotted the street and went and sat at one of the many picnic tables that also dotted the street. We could both see Darleen's friends watching us from the edge of the crowd by the band. I laughed.

"What are you laughing at now?" she asked.

"They are watching over you like mother hens as if I would try anything on the first night we realized that we..." I stopped. I had almost said we loved each other.

"You wouldn't?" she asked, surprised at my comment.

"No. I would like to kiss you some more, maybe feel your breasts," I admitted, feeling a little embarrassed.

"I would like that too, but not tonight."

"But you're leaving tomorrow...never mind. I would never force myself on you."

I leaned over and to kiss her cheek. She turned her head so our lips were pressed together. I moaned, she sighed. I pulled my lips away and just looked into her eyes.

"I think I'm falling in love with you. Thank you for just dancing with me."

"Don...I have something to tell you...I love you too. I have since freshman year. I was hoping that you would ask me out, but we didn't have any classes together and the only place we were at the same place at the same time was homeroom and then I was way up in the back and you were down front." She stopped drawing in a breath that sounded like a sob.

"I wish I had known," I said wanting to kiss her, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw her friend heading our way.

Darleen looked up at her friend and shook her head. Her friend backed away, her eyes still on us. Darleen looked back at me and squeezed her eyes shut.  A single tear rolled out of the corner of her eye and down her cheek. I took her hand in mine and brought it to my lips. I pressed them gently to the soft skin on the back of her hand. Then I turned her hand over and kissed the palm. As I let her hand go, she grabbed my face and pressed her lips to mine hard. I could see her friend with her hands on her hips. I guess if I didn't start the kiss, it was okay for us to kiss.

We sat there kissing for a long time. I had my arms around Darleen, hers around me. I kept mine where her friend could see them. When we finally broke our kiss, it was getting dark. The sky was still lit, but the street lights had come on and we were in shadow. I took Darleen's hand in mine and stood up.

"Come on, let's dance my lady," I said. Even to my ears, it sounded pretty lame.

Darleen giggled, but stood up and followed me back to the dance area. We danced together the rest of the night. A lot of guys tried to cut in, but Darleen would tell them no when I stepped back to let them in. She would say no, then rush into my arms. The band stopped playing at eleven o'clock. Darleen and I stood there just holding each other.

"Dar, we have to go," her friend said.

"I know, now go away for a few minutes."

Her friend retreated until we couldn't see her. Then Darleen pressed her lips to mine. I kissed her back with all the passion I felt for her. After a few minutes, Darleen broke the kiss and hugged me fiercely.

"I love you, Don. There will always be a place in my heart for you."

"I love you too, Darleen, so much it's hard for me to speak anymore."

"Oh god," she whispered, then handed me an envelope. "Don't read this until tomorrow night, please."

"I promise."

She pulled my lips to hers one more time. The kiss was short-lived, then she was gone. I stood there like an idiot. I watched as she slowly walked away until I couldn't see her anymore. Then there was my next door neighbor standing in front of me. She just looked up at me with sad eyes.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 

Justice for Julie is now available at Smashwords.

He thought she cheated on him. But, was she. Revenge is sweet. 


I was sitting in the living room watching TV and waiting for my wife to come home from shopping. It was getting really late, past ten o'clock. She should have been home quite some time ago. I was getting worried, she usually wasn't this late on her shopping nights.  But maybe something had happened that had her stuck in traffic. After all, Chicago was a big town and some of the malls she went to could get pretty crowded.

I sat in my chair, sipping my beer and not really watching the TV. There was a knock at the front door. I knew it couldn't be my wife, she would have driven into the garage and come in through the kitchen. I rushed to the door and opened it. Julie almost fell into the house. I looked out and saw a man running to a car idling at the curb. He jumped in the back passenger door and the car sped away, squealing its tires in the process.

Then I looked down at my wife. She was drunk as a skunk. Her eyes were open she smelled like a brewery and slurred her words, but the worst thing about her was her face was covered in cum.  Fucking bitch had been out cheating on me. And the stupid cunt had gotten too drunk to drive home. I pulled her into the house, closing the front door. She was foul smelling. She smelled of stale beer, stale cigarettes, and stale sex. I was gagging the entire way to the bathroom.

I should have just kicked the bitch to the curb right there an then, but we had a history together. Fifteen years and two kids. Thank god they were both away for the weekend. I lugged my limp wife through the house to the master bath, placing her in the cold hard tub. Her dress had ridden up her body and her cunt was on display for me. It was covered in cum and cum was oozing out of her cunt too. Who knows how many loads she had up there. I lifted one of her legs and looked at her ass. It was oozing cum too. Fucking slut and been DPed. Her panties were missing and once I cut her dress off her limp, drunk body, I found her bra was missing. She lay naked in the bottom of the tub, looking up at me stupidly.

"Hi honey," she slurred.

I took my phone from my pants pocket and started taking pictures. Her cum covered face, her cum covered dress, her cum cover cunt, the cum oozing out of her cunt, the cum oozing out of her ass and the fact she had no panties on. I took picture after picture. When I thought I had enough, I took a video of her, especially the dumb fucking look on her cum coated face. She dumbly smiled up at me as I filmed her. After I was finished I put my phone back in my pocket. Then I pushed her dress into a garbage bag and sealed it. This could come in handy later on.

Monday, December 25, 2017 Wife Used...Used Wife

Is now available at Smashewords and will be at the Kindle Store Soon.

She just left. Packed up her stuff and left me. Twenty years, down the drain, like it was nothing. WTF?


After twenty years together, she just walked out of my life.  Packed up her things and split, like twenty years together meant nothing. What the fuck?

For twenty years we lived and loved together. When hard times hit, she packs up and walks out. For some reason, I really don't blame her. It was the people she was hanging around with. I tried to tell her, but she knew better.

Well, the hard times passed as they always do and guess who wanders back into my life. Yep, she comes crawling back. Her clothes are all raggedy, she had lost way too much weight and she looked horrible. I, like an idiot, felt sorry for her and took her back. God, was I an ass or did deep down inside I still love her. I took her to the hospital to have her checked out. They started her on an IV immediately. They cleaned her up and tried to put her back together as best they could. She still didn't look healthy, but her face, that beautiful face was still there. And when she saw me she smiled that smile that melted my heart twenty years ago.

The hospital released her a week later and I took her home. Over the months I put her back together. I made her eat right, quit smoking and take care of herself. Six months later she was back to her beautiful self again. That's when we made love for the first time. It was just as fantastic as it was when we first met. I can't tell you with words how beautiful she was but I felt so lucky to have her as my wife...right up until the time she left, after that, she was still beautiful as before, but I...I don't think I loved her as much only time will tell.

I still loved her, but not as much as before she left. At least not yet. She could win my heart back if she wanted. After a year back with me it looked like she was really trying to win me back. Of course, I never let her forget she had left me when we had our little spats and arguments. She hated that I kept bringing that up and I think that's why I did. It ended all the arguments quickly.

It was about eighteen months after she came back. She was now back at her regular weight and she was back to her chipper self. She was happy and all the little spats we were having ended. She just went along with whatever I wanted. Our sex life was back to normal. Well as normal as forty-somethings should be. Then on Friday afternoon at my office, I received an envelope from a messenger service. I opened it and spilled the contents out on my desk. It was a single micro-SD card. A 32gig SD card. No note, no anything. Just the card. I shook my head. I grabbed an adapter and slip it into a USB port.

The file manager came up. On the tiny card were one huge 18gigabyte MP4 file and about a hundred JPEG files. The names of the files gave no clue as to what might be on them or where they came from.  I clicked on the first JPEG file. Its name was 10001.jpg. What appeared on my screen took my breath away. It was a picture of my wife, naked, standing looking into the camera. She looked beautiful. The picture took my breath away. I closed it and clicked on the next one. I almost fell out of my chair. There was Judy, my wife, kneeling, with the biggest black cock I had ever seen, in her mouth.

The jealousy, anger, betrayal kicked me in the gut. I just looked at the picture. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. I felt my cock grow and tent my pants. I shook my head and closed the picture. I clicked on a picture in the middle of the list. It showed Judy laying on her back, a big black man was shoving his big cock into her pussy. She was smiling her eyes were hooded with orgasmic passion. She was enjoying what was being done to her.

I closed the picture and clicked on the video. It took a while to start. There was a bed in the middle of the frame. The lights were dim, then slowly brightened until there were no shadows. Then Judy walked into frame, naked. She crawled onto the bed and laid down looking into the camera. She started talking. I turned up the volume on my speakers. She was gibbering,  not making any sense. I looked at her eyes. She was under the influence of drugs. Probably pot. Maybe kush. I had warned her about that shit. I know the people she was hanging around when she left smoked that crap.

After about five minutes of her jabbering, three naked black guys crawled onto the bed with her. She looked happy to see them. She started to play with their soft black dicks. Stroking them, sucking them, until they were all hard. She laid on her back and let one slip into her pussy. She shouted how good it felt. She was coming and coming and coming as he slammed his huge cock into her white pussy. I looked down at my cock, it was even harder than before.

My throat was closing with anger, betrayal, and jealousy, but my dick was at full attention with lust. Love was in there somewhere, but it felt like it was dying. I felt my face, it was wet with tears. I closed the movie. I pulled the SD card from my machine. I was about to throw it in the trash, but instead, I slipped it back into the envelope and put it in a drawer in my desk I could lock. Then I sat back and cried. After half an hour, I stopped and just sat there thinking.

I pulled the SD card out and slipped it into my computer. I brought up the list.  Looking at the date created I saw that it was about a month after she left. Okay, that explains some things. Not what she did, but who she was with, but why did they send these to me. There was no return address on the envelope and no sender information on the messenger service receipt. I was stumped. I didn't know any of the men in the pictures or what I had seen of the movie.

I selected a bunch of pictures and printed them. I slipped them in my briefcase. I put the SD card back in the drawer and locked it. I picked up my briefcase and told my boss I was going home I didn't feel well. On the way home I called Judy and told her I was on the way. She sounded happy to hear I was coming home early.  I didn't know how long that would last when I got there.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Been Gone For Awhile.

Yeah, it's been awhile.  I haven't finished anything new.  But I did have a heart attack, again.  I had one way back in 2003, July of 2003.  This past July I had another.  Fourteen years apart.  I was lucky.  I got to the hospital before I had it.

I was feeling kind of funny, so I laid down to see if it was that I was just tired.  The feeling didn't pass, so I kept telling myself to get up and go to the hospital.  I did.  They took an ekg and blood.  I wasn't have a heart attack...yet.

An hour later they did another blood test and it showed I was having an attack.  They confirmed with and ekg and wheeled me into the catlab.  They were prepared to push another stent into me, but found I had five blocked arteries.

Ten hours later I was being operated on. They did five bypasses.  Five.  5!  I don't remember waking up after the surgery, except for them to tell me I would be just fine, it was a success. I remember them telling me I would be going into the Surgical ICU for awhile.

I don't remember anything, except bit and pieces.

I woke up and I was tied to the bed.  They told me I had been out of my mind.  ICU Psychosis they called it.  I was spitting at everyone, yelling to get me out of there, I was even flick my blood oozing from my chest where they opened me up to do the surgery.  I guess I was really being a bastard.

I do remember a feeling of paranoia.  I remember thinking they are all out to kill me. Why?  I haven't the faintest idea.  Once I was in my right mind, they were all really nice people.  I didn't understand what happened.

Then they went over the list of drugs they had tried to keep me calm.  I bet each one had the opposite effect on me.  Once they stopped giving me anything but morphine for pain, I calmed down and rested. From what they tell me.

Since then, I'm doing fine.  I'm home.  Although they did want me to go to a rehab facility, which I did.  I am now living alone and the doctors didn't want me to go home.  It was nice but the beds were shit.  I finally found one that I liked...two days before I left.  I was there 10 days.

I am now going back to the hospital each day to exercise.  It only cost me $33 a month.  That's Phase 3 Rehab.  Phase 2 was costing me $40 a day.  I only went six days over three weeks and they graduated me to Phase 3.

I'm feeling good.  I hope to continue to feel good or better.


Monday, October 17, 2016

The third volume of Brotherhood of Janus is now Smashwords.

Brotherhood member John Carlson continues to help the Brotherhood Council clean up those Lodges that aren't following the rules of the society. 


Sarah was sitting next me, a death grip on the armrests, as the plane hit turbulence.  I chuckled.  It'd been two months since she joined the BID and became a Duchess of the Brotherhood. This was only the second time she needed to travel.  That she was traveling with me, well that was a promise I made to her, even though we had made one trip together already. But that was to New York and was not a pleasant trip.  We were now flying into Baltimore to investigate complaints made against the lodge there.  Sarah was to be my partner at the gather for the weekend.

"Why didn't you tell me you were afraid of flying on our last trip?" I asked gently resting my hand on her arm.

"I didn't realize...oh fuck," Sarah cried as the plane dropped out of the sky. It stopped about a hundred feet down.  I was hoping that didn't happen on approach. "Anyway I was so mad I don't remember the flight going and I was so happy coming home, I don't remember it either."

"It's fine dear, really." I chuckled kissing her cheek.

Sarah just looked at me, venom in her eyes.  The plane again fell a few feet, then jumped back up. We would be descending into Baltimore within the next half hour.  It would be a bumpy ride. Sarah cried out as the plane bounced again.

"How can you sit there so calm?" Sarah asked me.

"I have spent my life flying.  And this is almost the smoothest ride I have ever had.  The worst was in a C130 flying into Korea. A downdraft hit the plane just as we were touching down.  Landing gear collapsed and we hit the ground hard.  Good thing a 130 is built to take something like that in stride.  It never flew again, but everyone on board survived.  One hundred and fifty souls lived  that day."

"Oh my god, why are you telling me that?" Sarah said, shock on her face.  Her finger nails now digging into my arm.

"There is nothing to worry about.  The quicker you realize that the better you will be able to cope with flying."

"Aren't you afraid?"

"Of what?  Dying?  Of course.  But if it's going to happen, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it."

Sarah looked at me.  She nodded her head, she visibly calmed down. She released my arm and her seat arm.  She moved her hands to her lap and she took a deep breath, which she slowly let out.

"What do you do to keep from screaming?" she asked calmly.

"I usually sleep.  I found I can get to sleep much faster the more turbulent the flight."

Sarah laughed, looked at me and laughed again.  I smiled at her nodding. From that point forward she was never visibly afraid of flying again.  She took my hand in hers and held it without crushing the life out of it. 

The pilot announced we were starting our descent to BWI.  The plane turned to the right and slowed.  Sarah looked at me, concern showing in her eyes.  I nodded.

"Here we go," I told her.

"What do you mean, here we go?"

"There, we're through the cloud cover.  Look out the window.  We will be flying down the valley into BWI."

"Holy shit," Sarah whispered as she saw how close we were to the ground.  But that dropped away as we flew on.

Then the plane started to waggle from side to side.  Sarah's eyes were once again filled with fear.  I just smiled and enjoyed the ride.  At the very last minute the pilot straightened the airplane out and touched down.  Sarah sighed in relief.

"Holy shit," she whispered once more.

"Maybe next time we'll fly commercial into there's a ride." I chuckled at her look.

We were in a Brotherhood Learjet.  The Brotherhood had ten jets of various sizes.  One had been allotted to me as a five hundred and the head of the BID.  They had given me one of the medium sized ones, seating ten.  Feldman and seven of his best always flew with me.  Feldman's force had grown as the BID investigators grew. There were six investigators, three men and three women not counting me and Sarah.  When each went in the field, an eight man Tac-Team would accompany them. We were still looking to add more, but that process would be long and arduous.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Holy crap...a year!  I can/should be doing better than that.

Okay, finished two old, long pieces and added a short new one...

A story about a little/big town in the northern plains filled with high-powered people. Intrigue and violence along with sweetness and romance fill the days of the people of Orchard Falls.

Available at Smashwords.


George J. Hood and Hyraim Janus founded the Brotherhood of Janus in 1865. The founding of the Brotherhood was for the advancement of members and their families. The Brotherhood required members to help other members in the areas of business and conservation of family fortunes. That was the primary reason for the formation of the Brotherhood.

The second installment in the saga.

Available at Smashwords.


Jack O'Hara, friend of Don Steel and James Stanton(see Orchard Falls), takes on a request from his doctor to protect her. She has received death threats via eMail. Jack, an Orchard Falls resident, takes his assignment seriously. Along with his faithful companion, Rudy his dog, they watch over the pretty redheaded doctor. His past training comes in handy in his work.

Available at Smashwords.

All three of these were fun to finish and I think they will be a fun read.  I must warn you about the Brotherhood of Janus books, they deal a lot with wife swapping on a grand scale.