Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lovers Unknown

Lovers Unknown is now available at Smashwords and Amazon Kindle Store.

Have you ever had your deepest desire or fantasy turned into reality? How would you react if it was?
Michelle was on a bed, she knew she was on a bed, she could feel the soft sheets beneath her.  Michelle knew it was nighttime, it was dark where she was.  Michelle knew she was naked.  Michelle knew all these things, except one.  She didn’t know whose dick was sliding in and out of her pussy and the way she felt, she didn’t really care.  Whoever it was, had started fucking her as she slept.  He had her face down on the bed, sliding his fairly large cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy.  The person behind her was grunting in time with his thrusts into her.  She was groaning each time the hard cock hit her cervix.  Michelle was floating along, wondering, whose house she was in and who was in her.

Michelle and her husband, George, had started the night at a party at a local tavern.  Drinks were flowing and people were dancing. Michelle and George were some of those people.  The party lasted until closing time. Then a group walked to the home of one of the attendees where the party continued.  After about an hour, Michelle lost track of George and her senses.  She remembered being undressed in the living room by a group of naked people.  Then there was someone licking her pussy and another sucking on her tits.  She recalled George, kissing her as he fucked her.  After her orgasm, Michelle blacked out.

Someone must have moved her to a bed during the night.  As she was being fucked, she wondered how many men and women had taken advantage of her unconscious state.  Her pussy felt like it had been fucked a number of times.  Her tits were sore and her hips hurt, but right now she was enjoying the feel of her pussy as the large cock worked its way in and out of her body.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is now available at Smashwords and at the Kindle Store.

What started out as a present for her husband turned into something far more. Watch as two friends egg each other on to do more daring and explicit things in front of the camera.
Michelle stood in the shadows watching as the camera clicked and the strobes flashed.  The woman in the center of the bed was very beautiful.  She was naked with her head propped up on her hand looking into the lens of the camera as the naked man behind her squeezed her breast.  Michelle could not help wondering how it would feel to be her.  To be the center of attention among these strangers as her friend was, laying there naked with a strange young man touching her.

Susan had talked Michelle into coming with for this photo shoot.  The pictures were for Susan's husband, well not the ones being taken now but the ones that had been taken earlier.  Pictures were taken of her in sexy silky underwear, nightwear, little see through nities, bra and panty sets, then some tasteful nudes and some not so tasteful nudes.  Then the photographer had asked if she was ready for her partner.  Michelle had gasped when Susan had said yes.  Michelle stood there in the shadows in shock as she watched a truly handsome young man emerge from behind a curtain.

He was nude as was Susan.  His penis was standing out straight before him pointing the way to his prize on the bed before him.  As his weight signaled his approach, Susan swiveled her head toward him catching her first glimpse of the smooth tan skin taught over muscles that bulged as he moved like a cat.  Susan gasped as she caught sight of his hard penis.  Her tongue flicked out and licked her lips as she smiled to herself, her eyes never leaving the hard appendage bobbing its way toward her.

Michelle was surprised that the two seemed to know each other as he leaned down and kissed her passionately.  Michelle wanted to run, run out of this place but couldn't move.  She couldn't tear her eyes away from what her friend was doing, her married friend.  Susan, her best friend, married to...she couldn't keep from watching.  She watched as Susan's hand gently wrapped around the man's penis and started to stroke it oh so gently.  She watched as the man slid his hand to her breast and squeezed, hard.

Michelle could hear her friend moan as her excitement rose at the man's touch.  All the while, the photographer was snapping picture after picture of the two naked people on the bed.  The photographer then called to the lovers, having them get into one of the first poses of the many he had written on a piece of paper before him.  The handwriting on the paper was that of Susan.  Michelle had watched her write them out for the photographer before they had started.

Michelle could not stop watching as her friend looked into the camera with the stranger squeezing her breast.  Susan's nipples were hard as the man pinched one between is thumb and forefinger.  Susan threw her head back, her mouth open wide, as she sighed in pleasure.  Michelle's own nipples were diamond hard points under her silk blouse.  Without realizing, she had reached up and was pinching her own nipples as she watched her friend.

About Last Night II

About Last Night II is now available at Smashword and Amazon Kindle Store.

The conversation continues. Another couple is added and they all have fun.
“So you never told Michelle that we have already fucked each other.”

George grimaced at her words.  He especially shied away at her cussing.

“Why didn’t you tell her?” Susan said harshly.

“I was going to, but she…she, when she agreed that…to, you know, that I had better not stray without her being there.”

“Very well.  I would hate to be the one that broke up a marriage.”

“Thank you,” George said, holding her tight as they danced around the floor.

Michelle and Mark were dancing close.  She could feel him grow as she rubbed her leg against his.  Her head was on his shoulder, her lips pressed to his neck as she inhaled deeply of his scent.  Mark was excited as Michelle pressed her body to his.  Her hand placed just so on his shoulder so she could play with the tiny hairs on the back of her neck.  Her other hand, held in his, squeezed and stroked his as they moved around the dance floor.

Michelle sighed. Mark pulled away a little and looked into her eyes.  She was gazing out over the dance floor.  Mark looked to where she was gazing and saw her husband with Susan.  Mark groaned when he saw that George had his right hand on Susan’s ass and was pulling her into his groin.

“You like seeing your wife with other men?” Michelle whispered in Mark’s ear.

“I do.  Do you like seeing your husband with another woman?” Mark asked.


“And does he like seeing you with other men?” Mark queried.

“He does.  You do know why we are here tonight?”

“No, tell me,” Mark commanded.

Michelle shivered in his arms as his hand glided down her back to rest on her ass.  Mark gave her taught ass a squeeze.  Michelle moaned and kissed his neck.

“Tell me,” Mark commanded again.

“We are here to get me in bed with another man, while he has another woman.”

“At the same time?” Mark asked her.

“I don’t know what the exact plan is, oh god,” Michelle croaked shaking in Mark’s arms.

“What?” he asked.

“I have just had an orgasm,” Michelle admitted.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

About Last Night...

About Last Night is now available at Smashwords and is now available at the Kindle Store.

A middle age couple wonder how each other feels about what happened the night before.
Mark and Susan were lying in bed, just enjoying the morning sun as it streamed in through the bedroom window.  They were holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes.  Mark smiled.  Susan smiled.  Mark rose, propping himself up on his elbow, looking down into Susan’s eyes.

“About last night…”

“What about last night dear?” Susan asked innocently.

“Do you regret…”

Susan hesitated for an instant.  Her eyes darted from her husbands to the left and back again.  She gave a little shiver as she raised her delicate fingers to his cheek.

“Uh…no not at all.  Do you?”

“Never,” Mark replied quickly.

“Never?” Susan asked in surprise.

“Never.  No matter how many times you wish…”

“Really. You would let me do that again?”

“I would.  As many times as you wish.”

Susan suddenly shook under Mark’s gaze.

“What was that?”

“I just had an orgasm.  I thought that after last night I wouldn’t have another of those for quite sometime.”

“Me too.  Especially after last night.”

Friday, January 17, 2014

White Winged Dove

White Winged Dove in now available at Smashwords and Amazon.

He was racing to save his dove.

Just like the white winged dove
Sings a song, sounds like she's singing
Ooo, ooo, ooo

That was the song.  It was blaring on the radio.  Stevie Nicks, Edge of Seventeen.  It went well with the roaring of the cars engine as I sped down the highway.  Sped.  I was doing one-thirty-five.  That’s miles per hour.  One hundred thirty five miles per hour.  I was in a hurry.  She had called.  Someone was in the house with her.  I had called the police, but I was closer than any county deputy.  She had sounded frantic.  She locked herself in the bedroom when she heard voices down in the kitchen.

My turn was coming up. I slowed.  Not enough, but the skid wasn’t that bad. I recovered nicely.  Two more miles.  The car roared into the night.  I was lucky the roads were smooth.  Railroad tracks loomed in the distance. I slowed again.  Ninety-five.  I was air born.  The car hit hard on the other side.  I pressed the accelerator.  One twenty.  I could see smoke pouring out of the back of the car.  Come on girl you can do it.  Please.  One mile.  I could see the outside lights of our house.  Come on baby. Just a little farther.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Susan's Secret

Now available at Smashwords and Amazon - Susan's Secret.

She had a secret and one night he found out what it was.  Then she found out his secret.

My wife.  She could be so exasperating sometimes.  Not that I don’t love her dearly. She just doesn’t get it sometimes. I try hard to make her happy. I really do.  For the first fifteen years of our marriage, she seemed happy, ecstatic even.  She was my angel when we were out, my whore in bed.  She was borderline insatiable.  When we first met and started having sex, I ate like a pig. I must have consumed eight thousand calories a day, just to keep my weight up.  That first week we were married, I lost twenty pounds.  I ate lots of protein and lots of fat, to keep my weight up.

Over the years she’s cooled off, but I still had to eat more than would be normal for a man of my stature to keep my weight up.  I was also in the best shape, better than anyone else in our group of friends.  When they asked how I did it, I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at Susan as I rolled my eyes up into my head.  They all laughed and said they wished they had my problems.  They didn’t really. I noticed that over the years my buddies had slowed down and I bet they had slowed down in the sack too.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yesterday's Dream

Yesterday's Dream is now available at Smashwords and Amazon. This one just came at me out of the blue. I did reuse a premise from another book I wrote, under a different pen name.

Here is a blurb and a sample...

Michael Wallace sat contemplating what he had just read. It was an ad in the local news paper classified section. The ad read, "If you could go back in time with everything you know now, would you?" There was a number to call. Mike contemplated that ad for three days. Then he dialed that number.

So, if you were offered the chance for a do over, would you take it?

Lying on the table in the middle of the room, Michael Wallace, was getting ready to have the adventure of his life.  Mike, as he preferred, was sixty-four years old and had answered a strange ad in the paper.  The year was two-thousand-fourteen. The ad read, “If you could go back in time with what you know now, would you?”  Mike thought about it for three days before he dialed the phone.  Before he knew it, they gave him an address and he was driving there.  For three weeks he went through a rigorous medical and psychological exam.  Then he was lectured on what he would experience.  

They planned to send him back to some time in the sixties.  He was pleased, he remembered them as good years to grow up in.  They didn't know exactly when in the sixties he would wind up, but they figured late sixties.  Sixty-seven, sixty-eight, they weren’t all that sure.  Mike was actually excited to be doing this.  He had so much to do over.  People to please, people to punish and knowing what he knew now, money would be no problem.

So after all the prep and all the exams, Mike was now waiting, on a table in the middle of a large room.  The walls were lined with coils of some kind alternating with what looked like miniature radar dishes.

“We are ready to start in, three, two, one,” a voice said.

A just barely audible whine started to invade the silent room growing louder as time passed.  Then Mikes vision started to fade as did the sound.

* * * *

Mike became aware and found his faced pressed against a woman’s vagina.  He could feel the wetness of her all over his face.  She was writhing under him as he pressed his tongue deep into her.

“Oh god, why do you get me so excited,” a young woman’s voice cried out.

“Because you are so beautiful,” Mike told her pulling his mouth off her.

“Don’t stop,” she cried.

Mike pressed his lips to her once more.  Smiling, he started to take her to heights he had never been able to the first time he had sucked this young ladies sex.  He knew exactly where and when he was the minute he heard the woman’s voice.

It was nineteen-sixty-eight.  He was eighteen, she was nineteen.  Her name was Donna and she was really great looking.  Back then there were no word like ‘hot’ and she was hot.  Her body was perfect, her mind sharp and Mike didn't know what he had done to garner her affections back then.  They were both novices and had learned about sex together.  Of course there were some things she wouldn't do.  No blowjobs, but she would stroke him for hours. Slowly bringing him to orgasm. Then playfully smearing his sperm all over his stomach.

She said she didn't like him going down on her, but she never tried to stop him, nor did she complain afterwards as she cleaned his face with a wetnap.  She always carried wetnaps.  Then she would kiss him as she stroked his hard manhood.  Eventually, Mike would roll on top of her and slide his hardness into her wonderful body.  He would slowly fuck her senseless.  When he pulled out and came all over her stomach, she was delirious with pleasure.  Then the wetnaps would be used.  That was how Mike had spent his Friday nights, in the backseat of his Chevy Nova II, with the beautiful Donna. 

Well that was about to change.  Not that he didn't like fucking her, but there were others he wanted to sample.  Some of them forbidden fruit.  Some not.  Then there were the assholes that would need to be put back in their place.  But that could wait, what he need now was to make some money.  Back then he was working at what would have been called a descent job.  He was after all still living at home so his outlay of cash was minimal, mostly related to dating and having fun. 

With what Mike knew he could make a small fortune in a relatively short time and a larger fortune over a longer period of time.  The very next morning he placed his first purchase.  The broker that handled his transaction thought he was nuts, but he made money either way.  Within a week, Mike had ten thousand dollars in the bank.  Two weeks later he had five hundred thousand.  His broker started to place orders for himself along with Mikes.  They both made a small fortune.  The longer bets were placed with a different broker.  They would take years to pan out, but would provide a return that was phenomenal.  Mike would be a wealth man.